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TGD Affirming Healthcare

Gender Affirming Clinicians have a special interest in delivering gender affirming care (e.g. gender specialised psychology, hormones, surgery etc). 

Trans Affirming Clinicians commit to providing their usual high quality healthcare in a safe and inclusive environment for all our diverse community.

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Gender Affirming Clinicians

These clinicians have a special interest in TGD care.

There are many types of healthcare workers that can support trans and gender diverse people. 

All GPs, sexual health physicians, and endocrinologists can prescribe gender affirming hormone therapy, however it can be difficult to find clinicians that provide this care. Visit AusPATH and TransHub to see their clinician lists. 

Australian Professional Association for Trans Health (AusPATH) provides their member list of medical doctors, surgeons, psychologists, and other clinicians that deliver gender affirming care.. 

TransHub's Gender Affirming Doctor List includes details of medical doctors that provide gender affirming hormone therapy and other support to TGD clients.

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Trans Affirming Clinicians

Trans affirming clinicians may not provide 'gender affirming' care (i.e. hormones or surgery), but they will provide their usual service in a 'trans affirming' way. 

To find local LGBTIQ+ affirming spaces (including medical centres), check out The Welcome Here Project Member Directory

"The Welcome Here Project supports businesses and services throughout Australia to create and promote environments that are visibly welcoming and inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) communities."

Please reach out if you are (or know of) a clinician or service that provides a safe space for our community. 

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