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About ISGA

Illawarra Shoalhaven Gender Alliance INC (ISGA) is a registered Health Promotion Charity that works with and supports the local trans and gender diverse (TGD) community. We aim to improve and advance TGD health, wellbeing, and human rights. We hope to enhance collaboration between the TGD community, health providers, and allies by providing opportunities for engagement, support, education, training, and advocacy.

ISGA celebrates the diversity of the trans and gender diverse experience, advocating against systems that limit or prevent access to affirming healthcare, supporting autonomy and respect for all bodies, identities and expressions.

We recognize the role that families (chosen or origin), partners, health providers, educators, service providers, and allies have in uplifting and supporting the TGD community, and therefore all are welcomed here.

Clinicians providing gender affirming care are encouraged to join our multidisciplinary clinical network, which meets 2 monthly for peer support and learning opportunities. 


Follow us on social media, become a member, participate in our community and educational events. We welcome suggestions on what you’d like to see next!

As a Health Promotion Charity we are endorsed Deductible Gift Recipitants meaning donations over $2 are tex deductible. 

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