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Parents, Carers and families


  • Families Like Mine practical advice to families of young gender diverse people, same-sex attracted and bisexual people, and those who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity 


Support and connection 

  • TransParent- a monthly support group for parents at Headspace Wollongong. Contact Headspace on 42207660 for more information  

  • Parents of Gender Diverse Children provides resources, peer support, monthly catch up and an online Parent Hub for parents of transgender and gender diverse children of any age 

  • Transcend provides support, information and referrals to families across Australia to support, affirm and celebrate the lives of trans and gender diverse children and their families and carers. 

  • Australian Parents Group (APG) is a private and hidden Facebook group for parents and caregivers of transgender, gender diverse and non binary kids of any age. Contact Lisa at or call 02 90560838 


  • Find a doctor TransHub 

  • Maple Leaf House- Statewide multidisciplinary services for young people up to 25 yrs of age  

  • AusPath Provider List- find local psychologists, doctors, nurses, speech pathologists, psychiatrists and other health professionals  

  • I AM ME Foundation is an Australian based not for profit that provides grants to people 18+ who cannot afford or access the transitioning support that they need. The foundation is funded by donations.  

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