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Older People

Older People: Service


  • TransHub is a digital information and resource platform with a wide range of information about all things trans  

  • The Gender Centre provides information, counselling, peer support, case management, education and training and accommodation support to trans and gender diverse people across NSW  

  • ACON provides outreach services, counselling, training, information and resources to people of diverse sexualities and gender and people with HIV across regional NSW. ACON’s Support Packs provide a wide range of local information and contacts 

Crisis and suicide prevention 

  • Q Life Phone or Webchat 3pm-midnight everyday 1800 184 527 

  • Safe Haven Wollongong is a safe, welcoming and supportive environment run by peer workers for people experiencing suicidality. Open 2-10pm Wednesday to Saturday, 55 Urunga Parade, Wollongong  

  • HERE- LGBTQ digital suicide prevention hub  

  • 10 ways to reach out when you’re struggling with your mental health TransHub 


  • Find a doctor TransHub 

  • AusPath Provider List- find local psychologists, doctors, nurses, speech pathologists, psychiatrists and other health professionals  

  • Trans Vitality Toolkit Trans Hub 

  • I AM ME Foundation is an Australian based not for profit that provides grants to people 18+ who cannot afford or access the transitioning support that they need. The foundation is funded by donations.  

Social support and connection 

Safety, Sex and Relationships 

  • Transfemme Relationships between trans women and cis men 

  • GRUNT Sexual health for trans men into men 

  • SWOPTrans - peer support for trans sex workers 

  • Say It Out Loud Domestic family violence and sexual assault website for LGBTQ+ people. 24 hour helpline 1800 497 212 

Families and children 

Getting older 

  • Alice's Garage promoting healthy LGBTI ageing and empowering older LGBTI people 

  • Seniors Support Gender Centre  

  • Ripplegrams- A resource to support older people changing their gender identity  

  • Silver Rainbow- a link to resources for LGBTIQ+ people considering or entering aged care 

  • Abundance Story Pantry- Affirming trans and gender diverse people as we age 

Other services 


  • Trans Pride Australia fosters belonging and empowerment amongst trans and gender diverse people through events, advocacy, online spaces and resources 

  • Trans Justice Project aims to connect, coordinate, train and build a movement standing up for justice, freedom and equality for all trans and gender diverse people 

  • Zoe Belle Gender Collective is a Victorian based advocacy organization with a focus on access to equitable and affordable health care, depathologising trans identities and bodily autonomy for trans and gender diverse people  

Older People: Service
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