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TAFFI Presenter/Workshop Registration Form

Thank you for participating in TAFFI 2024 as a speaker or facilitator! Below is some information about the day and a registration form. 

Information for presenters

  • The sessions will have standard audio-visual lecture room set up. If you are using a presentation please either email to by 5pm Friday 8 November or bring it on a USB stick and allow ample time to load it up.

  • All sessions will have at least one volunteer available as an usher and link you to IT support, security, first aid etc. Please ask them if you need anything.

Please email the Academic Convenor Alison Rutherford on if you have any questions about your session.

How did you hear from us
Do you consent to having photographs shared online?
Do you consent to completing an Evaluation of the festival?
Do you consent to being contacted for future events
Preferred contact method
Due to support from the Aurora Group, TAFFI 2024 has allocated a budget to facilitate our speaker sessions which will be $50-$250 per speaker depending on length of session and number of speakers. If this would help you participate, please nominate below
I would like to be paid for the session
I am happy to volunteer my time
Would you like to become a member of ISGA
Already a member

Consent & Code of Conduct

TAFFI is a safe event, by registering to attend you agree to respect all festival volunteers and attendees. Violence, harassment, or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Please do not take or share photos of anyone without their explicit consent. 

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